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Fire and Ice

If you ship Draco/Ginny, then welcome abroad our LiveJournal community! This is a place for all D/G shippers to share their D/G goodness and meet the other members of S.S. Fire and Ice. Enjoy your stay!


1. Your post must be about stay on topic. In other words, it must be about Draco and/or Ginny.

Things you might post include:
- Fan fiction
- Icons/Graphics
- Pictures
- Questions/Discussion

2. Please use proper grammar and spelling when posting.

3. Be respectful to other members of the community.

4. Spoilers must go under a cut and with a warning.

5. News, interviews, pictures, icons, etc of the actors (Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright) out of costume are also acceptable but not in other movies.

6. If you are posting a fan fiction please use the following format:

Title of Fic:
Author Name:
Chapter #: (If it's one-shot or completed, state that)
Category: (Romance, Angst, Comedy, etc.)
Rating: (P, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)

7. No promotion of other communities or website. Promotional posts will be deleted. Please contact the mod for special permission.

If you're just looking for a good D/G story to enjoy, save yourself some time and browse through this list of D/G fanfiction that the community rounded up in 2003:

The Best of 2003


Mods -- If you have furthur questions or concerns, these are the people you should go to.
acidroses at quixotical8@gmail.com